About us

We would like to introduce to you, our company M/s Elekron Limited. We specialize in wholesale and retail of URANUS brand of high quality LED lighting products, LED Lighting Displays, Lighting Control, Electricals, and related accessories and fittings. Like the planet Uranus itself, known for it’s uniqueness, we aim to bring to you, equally unique, innovative, stylish and affordable products which at the same time help reduce your energy costs.

LED lighting is a relatively new concept globally, but is fast replacing the standard lighting methods worldwide, due to it’s several advantages over conventional lighting. Our range of URANUS led lighting products save upto 90% energy, last between 30,000 to 50,000 hrs, are resilient to power fluctuations, are virtually maintenance free, are environmentally safe, and come with our fantastic 2-year local warranty. They can be used in homes, offices, factories, warehouses, yards, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, and virtually any other place where conventional lighting is currently used.

We, at M/S Elekron Limited, believe that every person, company or institution should have easy access to the enormous benefits of our URANUS led lights. One of our top priorities, therefore, is to bring our affordable led lighting products to the vast majority of the population, here in Kenya as well as throughout East Africa! We have the capability to accommodate any size of project requirement, and aim to be flexible yet provide solid local support to all our esteemed customers.

If you would like to switch over to URANUS led Lighting, or join hands with us by becoming one of our esteemed resellers, or require further information, kindly contact us on email: info@elekron.co.ke or call us on +254 716 864863 now. We would also love to meet you in person at our ultra-modern showroom located at Park Suites, Parklands Road, Nairobi, and have the opportunity to show you our product range and how URANUS led Lights can benefit you.