CCTV Metal PSU Cabinet, 18 Connection, 12V DC 30A 360W, IP20, 220/240V

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This is a Professional, Lockable CCTV Power Supply with 18 Way Distribution Terminals. It is housed in an heavy-duty, secure, steel housing with lockable key.

  • LED Power Supply converts AC voltage to 12V DC. Input AC220/240V.
  • Independent Fuses and LED indicators insure that when a problem occurs, only affected channel will stop working – Other Channels will still work.
  • Allows upto 2A load per Channel (Dependent on Model).

Application – For Indoor use only! Widely used in Access Control, CCTV cameras for residential, Industrial and Commercial Areas., IR Illuminators, and DVRS.


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Input Voltage

220-240V AC

Output Voltage

12V DC

IP Rating